Fox 9 News Promotes Barn Quilts

Thank you Fox 9 News for coming to see what Barn Quilts of Carver County MN is all about. Interview with Janet Fahey and Barb Hone.
Part 1 and 2.

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ArtStock Art & Wine Festival 2017

Art Lovers and Community Members attended ArtStock Art & Wine Festival in July, held at Parley Lake Winery. There was an opportunity to purchase great art and to enjoy fine wine, food and music. We also offered mini Barn Quilt Tours to historic barns around the vineyard. Learn more about this event on the Arts Consortium of Carver County website.

3 New Barn Quilts in Morris MN

Morris MN - Ward Voorhees - Stevens Cty - June 2017
Sharing a collage with you from Ward Voorhees' farm - unveiling of 3 barn quilts on his building - June 25, 2017.
Morris, MN is in Stevens County. The Stevens County Historical Society is initiating a barn quilt trail of its own.
They invited Janet to speak at the event, sharing her Carver County barn quilt experience and Barn Quilt Treasures was invited to promote Carver County barn quilt products to attendees.